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Stickpack Type Packaging Machine For Granules




Focus Industries : Food industry, Pharmaceutical Industry

Control System PLC
Packaging Speed 220-300 bags / min
Weight Range 1-5 gr
Bag Width 16 mm
Bag Length 170 mm ( Adjustable )
Maximum Width of Roll Film 400
Net Weight 500 kg
Dimension 100*170*220 cm
Air Consumption 6 Bar – 300 L/min
Power 3Kw/h 3X380 Volt
Application Suitable for packing free flowing granular products, such as sugar, salt etc.

This machine is suitable for packaging free-flowing products (i.e.; sugar, salt, granular coffee, soluble mixes for drinks, soluble coffee, sweeteners, silica gel etc…)

Stickpack machines can be customized up from 5 to 10 lanes to form different shapes of StickPack pouches. With an appropriate dosing system our machines are capable to fill various products like powdry, dense, fine, loose and particular materials as well as liquids and semi li quids into StickPack pouches.

This machine can make sticks from 16 mm wide to 50mm wide by 45mm long up to 170mm long. It is a 5 lane machine, with a production speed of 250 sticks per minute. Machine is very simple and easy to operate. Simply pressing the touch panel with your finger can alter the setting and change the bag length. Various packaging data can be stored in the memory.

A stickpack machine usually produces a square or rectangular packs. These kind of portion packs, which are produced on stick pack machines, are used in many Hotels, restaurants and on airplanes.


Automatic Four-side Seal Sachet Packaging Machine

Automatic packaging of liquid, granule or powder in 4 side sealed sachet for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.


The machine can automatically complete the products measuring, conveying and feeding, filling and bag forming, date code printing, bag sealing and cutting.

PLC control system combined with touch screen, can easily set can change the packing parameters.

%100 Stainless Steel Construction

Filling Devices:

1)Volumetric cup (sugar, salt, coffee, etc. )

2)Powder Auger filler (Coffee powder, milk powder, sugar powder, solid beverage, spice, etc. )

3) Piston Pump for Liquid (liquid, cream, sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, shampoo, conditioner,. )




The thermal code printer adopts thermal printing ribbon to avoid oil contamination, which can keep the surrounding clean. It can be used to print notes like production date on the plastic and paper bags in food and pharmaceutical industries. The words printed is clear and endurable against wear.


helicoidTubular Screw Conveyor system offers a variety of solutions for conveying or feeding powdery or granular products to the machine hopper. Tubular Screw Conveyors are used in environmental technology, in flour and animal feed milling, in food processing and packaging, in plastics and chemicals, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore, TU Tubular Screw Conveyors are equipped with a gear motor that suits the application.

Tubular screw conveyor is made of %100 stainless steel.


Takeaway Conveyor improves the productivity of packaging operations by simply moving filled bags from the packaging location up to bench height, or to another location.


The tear notch in our bags allow them to be easily opened by the customer.
  Stick Sugar Packaging Machine…
  • This stickpack machine with high speed and less cost.
  • This stickpack sachet packing machine is ideal for crystal sugar, and all kinds of granulated free flowing products.
  • It is really suitable for sugar and salt packaging.
  • The capacity is 250stick/min. with 5 line.

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The Stick 4 is a small foot print but relatively fast stick pack producing machine, for products such as sugar, coffee and similar powder type products. These sachets are often used in smaller versions as portion packs for sugar, coffee, salt, cream or instant coffee such as those packs found in restaurants, hotels, bus or airplane companies. Mid range size of sachets could be used for shampoo, sauce mixes and similar products. Virtually any product, can be packed on a stickpack machines, such as powders, granules, liquids and creams, with the addition of the appropriate product feeder.

The market for stick pack applications in the packaging of pharmaceutical products grows steadily. Also in Africa this handy pack style is increasingly used. Reasons for the rising popularity are obvious: minimal material consumption, a fast and safe packaging process, and a convincing packaging system